What Makes FTF Members Different?

Posted: Wed. Mar 27, 2013


The Fair Trade Federation is a community of businesses dedicated to fair trade.  FTF members work with small farmers and artisans in partnerships built on trust.  It means good wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility, and more.  It means our partners are empowered to build strong businesses for their families today – and for generations to come.

For example:

– Fair Trade Federation members offer advance payment to artisans and farmers, allowing them to purchase raw materials without taking out high-interest loans.  This simple practice opens up a world of opportunity for producers who may not otherwise be able to fulfill large orders.

–  Fair Trade Federation members form long term relationships with artisans and farmers.   If a product doesn’t sell, fair trade buyers won’t simply move onto another supplier.  Instead, they work with the same producers to develop new products using their existing skills.  This means that artisans and farmers can rely on steady, long term income that helps improve their quality of life.

– Fair Trade Federation members are committed to the people behind their products.  If problems arise, fair trade buyers are actively involved in finding a fair and honest solution.  An unexpected production delay or quality issue won’t cause artisans and farmers to lose work; instead, fair trade buyers work with them to solve these problems.

– Fair Trade Federation members set realistic timelines and plan their product lines well in advance. Long production times create healthy work environments and reduce the pressure, stress, and over time that is often imposed on workers in developing countries.

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