Value Chain Toolkit Workshop (2-Part Series)

The Artisan Innovation Workshop is a collaborative activity to strengthen artisan businesses in the US and across the globe. Designed by the Aspen Institute’s Artisan Alliance and in partnership with the US Department of State, this workshop offers artisan businesses, support organizations, retailers, and other partners an opportunity to map the artisan value chain and examine challenges and opportunities. The toolkit uses principles of human-centered design, including empathy-building, story-sharing, and co-creation techniques to inspire collaboration and innovation across the artisan value chain. This 2-part workshop is not just for artisans; it is for anyone seeking to strengthen artisan businesses, better understand issues impacting the sector, or in search of new ways to improve livelihoods for artisans and the communities in which they work.


GINA ROGARI – Associate Director and Program Manager, Artisan Alliance and Aspen Global Innovators Group



ISABELLE SCHELLENGER – Program Coordinator, Artisan Alliance


Thursday, March 28 from 10:15 – 11:30 AM &

Thursday, March 28 from 1:00 – 2:15 PM

Dewitt Room

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