Fair Trade Spotlight: Laundromat

Posted: Mon. Oct 22, 2018

FTF member Laundromat sells handknit clothing and accessories made in Nepal from 100% sheep wool.

By concentrating on natural fibers, they are working to fight against the over 15 million tons of synthetic fiber that is produced annually. Laundromat also uses azo-free dyes that are eco-friendly. They offer high quality products, including unique fair trade items such as women’s skirts, menswear, kid’s sweatershandbags, and more.

Laundromat’s deep relationship with their Nepali suppliers has spanned over 20 years and has weathered many storms: political uprising, strikes, rolling blackouts, and earthquakes. They also strive to ensure that all parties involved in their business – the artisans in Nepal, their Canadian team members, & the planet – are treated fairly and respectfully.

To learn more about their business and products, visit www.laundromatstuff.com!

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