Fair Trade Spotlight: Atacora

Posted: Wed. Oct 10, 2018

FTF member Atacora sells superfoods, body oils, and handmade jewelry from the West African country of Benin.

A few of their unique products include: Moringa Leaf, a nutrient dense superfood with a slightly nutty and earthy flavor; Fonio, a gluten free ancient grain in the millet family; and Baobab, a superfruit which can be used as powder in food – such as smoothies – or as oil in skin care – such as the Baobab Oil Pumpkin Face Mask pictured below.

Atacora was founded in 2009 by David Goldman with the mission of contributing to the fight against poverty and inequality through the use of market­-based initiatives and by revaluing indigenous African resources and promoting women as primary economic actors.

To learn more about their business, products, and recipes, visit www.atacora.com!


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