Shop Fair, Shop Local, Shop Small, Shop Now

Posted: Tue. Nov 17, 2020
Let’s make the most out of our holiday shopping this season! Check out our recommendations below.
Shop Fair

Fair trade businesses partner with skilled farmers and craftspeople in developing countries to bring high-quality, authentic products to us here in the U.S. and Canada that we would otherwise not have access to. In turn, our fair trade purchases support businesses and communities globally.

Shop Local

When we purchase a product that’s not only fair trade but also from a locally-owned store or cafe, it’s a direct way to strengthen and support local business owners and employees and our communities as a whole. We can do so while maintaining social distancing via curbside pickup, shop by appointment, or buying online.

Shop Small

By shopping from a small fair trade business, our shopping experience is more personalized, and the products we find are more unique! Additionally, purchases from small businesses support job creation and the national economy.

Shop Now

By shopping sooner, we can find the best selection of fair trade products and ensure we are doing so in a more safe and efficient way, avoiding the last-minute rush!

Where can we shop fair & buy local this season? Check out the FTF Locator!

A special thank you to the Humankind Fair Trade store in San Luis Obispo, CA for inspiring this blog.

We have also created “Shop Fair, Buy Local” graphics here. Feel free to download and share them to spread the word!


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