Verification – Why We Review

After the initial membership application, ongoing reviews are vital for fresh and thorough fair trade verification, one of the core benefits of FTF membership. See instructions below and click on the buttons for easy access to each step.

The below Review & Renew information is for active FTF members. For those interested in becoming a member, see details here

Submission Deadline April 30


If any FTF member foresees challenges completing any of these steps before the deadline, please reach out to us at

We’ll be using the same system as last year, through which your renewal questions, financial statements, and producer lists will be submitted; dues payments will be through the same system that we use for all payments. Rest assured, your renewal answers and documents will, as always, remain secure. Only FTF staff will have access, and only for the purposes of the renewal.
As a reminder:
  • There’s no need to log in! Simply click the button from the Review and Renew page for what you’d like to submit, and it will take you to the relevant, secured page.
  • You will be able to save the renewal questions and return to them later! There will be a link you can copy or have emailed to you (we recommend the latter option) to return to the questions to complete them within 90 days. Important note: the FTF staff will NOT have access to or be able to recover these links, so keep it saved in your inbox until you’ve submitted the questions.
  • You will receive confirmation emails! After you submit each document for the renewal (questions, producer list, financial statement), you will receive an email at the address you’ve entered on the form confirming that it was submitted.

Submit Your 2023 Dues Payment

The FTF Membership Year is May 1 – April 30. A dues invoice will be emailed to your organization’s designated primary contact. 2023 dues are based on gross sales from 2021, a dues assessment known as prior-prior year.  We still require a financial statement for your organization’s most recent completed fiscal year (2022) as part of the 2023 Review & Renew.

Payment Plan Option: Payment plans are an option for all FTF members. We are providing a plan to split members’ dues into four equal payments, and no fee will be charged; payments will be due April 30, July 31, October 31, and December 31. Email the FTF at to sign up for this option before April 30

+ Dues may be paid via credit card here.

  • Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
  • Not Accepted: Paypal

+ Checks are preferred and payable to Fair Trade Federation. ​

  • Mail to: Fair Trade Federation, 342 North Queen Street Rear, Lancaster, PA 17603

Answer Renewal Questions 

+ Fill out the form that best describes your business below; if you are unsure of your category, please first email us at, and we’ll be happy to let you know so you don’t spend time completing the wrong questions.

If needed, you can view a pdf of the questions for your category here: Handmade Products, Retailer, Food & Farm Products, or Cafe Network. Please note, these are only for reference; questions must be submitted through the above online forms on our website.

Prepare a Financial Statement

+ for the most recent fiscal year (2022)

+ profit & loss sheet or income statement preferred–it MUST show gross sales

+ does not need to be audited

Submit your 2022 financial statement here.

Prepare a List of Producer Groups or Wholesale Suppliers

+ list each and include contact info for any non-FTF or WFTO member producers

+ indicate FTF or WFTO membership where applicable

+ include other information like the category of products they produce, how long you’ve worked with them, etc.

Submit your producer/supplier list here.

All submitted information is kept strictly confidential unless a request is made by your organization’s designated primary contact. Please *do not* email your review answers/documents.

If you have trouble with any of the submissions, please email

Review & Renew Support