Membership Application

Retailer Buying from Various Wholesalers


Before spending time on the application, read the Fair Trade Federation Code of Practice to become familiarized with eligibility, sourcing requirements, and the nine fair trade principles. Applying to the Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a rigorous self-reporting process during which applicant businesses must demonstrate outstanding work in all nine of the fair trade principles. A high level of transparency and detail is required on the FTF Membership Application. The onus is on applicants to demonstrate due diligence in ensuring fair trade partnerships.

The FTF Membership Manager acts as a liaison to the FTF Screening Committee and guides applicants through the screening process. The FTF Membership Manager reviews submissions for missing components and information. Applicants will receive follow-up questions to clarify information before an application is reviewed by an FTF Screening Committee. It takes approximately 2 to 4 months from the time all components of the application are submitted to receipt of a final membership decision. However, no amount of time is guaranteed.

Application materials are confidential. By submitting application materials, the applicant affirms all information provided is true and presents business practices for review by FTF Screening Committee members and FTF employees. The applicant acquiesces to the FTF Screening Committee’s decision about FTF membership. The applicant maintains the right to appeal the decision through established procedures.

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