Gallant International
  • 23352 Madero Suite L
    United States of America

Gallant International Inc, a B-Corp Certified Company, based in Orange County, California. Gallant specializes in 100% organic cotton and fair trade certified branded bags, T-shirts, and accessories. Gallant has helped more than 200 smalls to large businesses meet their sustainability goals while ensuring traceability and lowering the environmental footprint by using carbon-neutral shipping. Gallant Continuing to lead the way by supporting every facet of the supply chain and ensuring the livelihood of all those involved while bettering the world we live in.

Product Specialties: Bath and Spa, Clothing and Shoes, Custom Printed or Promotional Products (T-Shirts, Bags, etc.), Personal Accessories (Bags, Hats, Scarves, etc.)

Source Regions: South Asia

FTF Member Since: 2018

Committed to the Principles of Fair Trade in Everything We Do