FairTrade Caravans
  • 26 Salmi Rd
    Framingham, MA 01710
    United States of America

FairTrade Caravans educates students and school communities about the benefits of fair trade and provides a program where they can sell ethically made and sustainable products online and receive 25% of sales for their own fundraising goals.

Our 2019 fall/holiday fair trade fundraisers run from October 18 – November 4 and from November 1-18.

We engage with students to help make them better global citizens, caring about the world they live in and understanding how their buying power can have a real impact on communities around the globe.

We provide educational materials to inspire students as well as marketing materials, a pdf flyer, email templates, photos and text for social media to send to school communities during the fundraiser as reminders to participate.

Product Specialties: Children's Items, DIY Items (fabric, loose beads, etc), Food/Drink, Housewares (Tableware, Linens, Baskets, and Decor), Jewelry, Paper Products (Cards, Stationery, Labels, etc.), Personal Accessories (Bags, Hats, Scarves, etc.)

FTF Member Since: 2019

Committed to the Principles of Fair Trade in Everything We Do

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