Elevation Trade
  • 4224 SE 29th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97202
    United States of America

Elevation Trade was born out of the idea that we are all connected, a global village. And no one group of people can consider themselves successful, if another group is suffering. We are all in this together. Without needed change, poverty, illness and deprivation will continue to adversely affect the lives of Nepali people, especially women, children and the socially disenfranchised.

The Elevation Trade team is made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and we come in all different shapes and sizes. So we design clothes that WE want to wear! We also lead pretty busy lives, between chasing kids and running the dogs, we need clothing that isn’t going to slow us down. Who has time to coddle their clothing? All of our styles are pre-shrunk, and therefore machine washer and dryer friendly.

Product Specialties: Clothing and Shoes

Source Regions: South Asia

FTF Member Since: 2015

Committed to the Principles of Fair Trade in Everything We Do