Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Updates to the FTF Code of Practice

Posted: Fri. Apr 29, 2022

Working to integrate principles of social justice and inclusion to further the Fair Trade Federation (FTF)’s mission and vision, the FTF Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee embarked on a process in 2021 to review and update the core document of the FTF community, our Code of Practice. 

The FTF Code of Practice is foundational to the organization and greater fair trade movement, stating and expanding upon the expectations for each of the fair trade principles for the verification of fair trade enterprises. The JEDI Committee assessed and proposed changes through four important lenses and topic areas:

  1. Consent in storytelling, making sure artisans and stakeholders are giving permission and understanding how their stories and photos will be used;
  2. Use of binary language, such as replacing “men” and “women” with “individuals” acknowledging that gender is a social construct and does not fairly represent how individuals may identify as well as the many other facets of identity;
  3. Preservation of cultural traditions, an affirmation that artisans preserve their own traditions, not US/Canadian based organizations; and
  4. Respect for cultural, racial and ethnic identity, expanding the ninth fair trade principle to better acknowledge the different intersections of any individual’s experience and work to end cultural appropriation in the production of goods.

After being approved by the FTF Board of Directors in late 2021, the updates are currently being implemented by FTF members and vetted by the FTF through our annual renewal process. Additionally, we are working to complete updates to the FTF applications for each business type to reflect these improvements and expectations for new members moving forward. Recognizing that truly effective justice, equity, and diversity work is never finished, the Committee actively encourages FTF members, and all in the fair trade movement, to continue to participate in and contribute to these activities and conversations going forward. 

The FTF JEDI Committee has six dedicated members and was established in August 2020 as a permanent committee to sit alongside the FTF Board of Directors. You can find the FTF JEDI Committee Charter here. The committee’s focus is incorporating equity and justice into the way the FTF and our verified member enterprises grow, as well as moving strategic priorities to be more in line with the principles and values that the FTF community espouses. 

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