What makes FTF members different?

The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a community of verified businesses that are dedicated to holistic fair trade. This commitment to fair trade means the entire business is socially and environmentally responsible in everything they do.

  • For small-scale farmers and artisans, it means they get long-term buying partners they can trust.
  • For consumers, it means you get high quality, authentic products, grown & made in the traditional way.

Hear what it means to be FTF verified from a few of our members:

“Being an FTF member means we can be recognized as a legitimate source of fair trade products, and allows our artisans the ability to reach a broader global market. Our sales directly benefit the makers of our products, providing economic and educational opportunities for both the women and their families. It allows the artisans to be fairly compensated for work that honors their rich cultural knowledge, and empowers them as women who can support their communities.”

– Awamaki, Verified FTF Member

Our membership in the FTF has been extremely important since the very beginning. I could talk about our artisans, tell stories about their progress, share photos and explain our impact…but our customers would only have my word on it. I loved that once we became a member we had that immediate credibility – we weren’t reliant upon my word; we had this reliable outside source that had gone through our business and verified that we were indeed practicing fair trade. Each annual review reinforces our commitment, and we continue to hold ourselves to this high bar and love being part of this community!”  

– WorldFinds, Verified FTF Member

“Applying to the Fair Trade Federation has been one of the best decisions we’ve made this year. It has been a truly meaningful experience, and we’ve only been members for a few short months! In addition to giving our business credibility, the Fair Trade Federation provides programming, support, and a community of whole-hearted individuals who are working to make the world a better place. We’re thrilled to be part of this community.”

– Fair Anita, Verified FTF Member

We were vendors at seven music festivals this summer under the banner ‘Fair Trade Handicrafts from the Peruvian Amazon.”’ Savvy customers often said: ‘I like to buy fair trade products so my purchase can help people.  Do you REALLY practice fair trade? ‘ I would first tell them how we work with our artisan and community partners and then point to one of the signs in our booth showing the FTF name and logo.  Once I explained what it meant to be an FTF member, they would usually nod and say, ‘OK, I get it now.’”

– Center for Amazon Community Ecology, Verified FTF Member

“Our membership in the FTF is helping us to spread the word in many forums about fair trade and what Peruvian Artisans are capable to do with training, innovation, persuasion and flexibility. We have started to innovate and to develop new products with our wholesalers being close to them, understanding and analyzing together end consumer needs. This could be possible only with trust, commitment, professionalism and long term relationship, which we had built with them thanks to FTF.”

– Blossom Inspirations, Verified FTF Member

Photo by Laundromat