Fair Trade Month Chats

Posted: Thu. Oct 15, 2020
Welcome to Fair Trade Month chats, where we discuss and explore the global movement of trade that values the health of the planet, and the labor, dignity, and equality of all people.
“Fair trade is essential if we want to see a future that can combat climate change and end systemic oppression. Fair trade is an essential path on the way to that future.”
Global Gifts Bloomington Volunteer 
“In the United States, we drink 120 million cups of coffee a month, 4 million a day. If one cup a month were Twin Engine or an origin roasted coffee, we could create 10,000 new jobs in Nicaragua plus support 6,300 certified organic farms here. Those numbers are incredible. Coffee has this amazing power that is just sitting in a box that can be exploded.”
– Andrea Woolverton of Twin Engine Coffee
“The future of fair trade is going to be more and more impactful, visible, and integrated with existing types of retail, marketing, and consumerism, especially [due to] the consciousness of more people about the impact of their purchases.”
– Mac McCoy of dZi Handmade

“We are going to pay more for the products we buy in order to lift up the wages of those working in artisan-made goods around the world. We believe it results in not only higher quality products but also a higher quality life for people who make the products and that is really important for us.”

Angela Weinberg of GlobeIn

 Check out how you can join us in celebrating fair trade this month and throughout the holiday season here

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