2019 Fair Trade Fashion

Welcome to our Virtual Fair Trade Fashion Show!

We are excited to share with you transparent, sustainable fair trade fashion brands & stores during Fashion Revolution Week.

The Fashion Revolution is asking “Who Makes Our Clothes?” FTF verified enterprises, including the ones featured below, can tell you who makes the fashion items they are selling. They work with small-scale artisans to ensure good wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility, and more.

Explore fair trade fashion below, and click on the photo or link to learn about the 20 FTF members supporting the Fashion Revolution.


Cover photo by Global Mamas


Mata Traders - dress_summersonnet_orangefloral_m

Dress by Mata Traders

SERRV - Starburst_Kimono_Serrv_S19

Wrap by Serrv

Passion Lilie -IMG_PL.2019_COLOR0110 copy 2

Dress by Passion Lilie

Rover & Kin - SS4A9B3552

Jumpsuit by Rover & Kin

Contemporary Craft - IMG-0091

Fabric by Contemporary Craft

Sevya - SS-71.6-Outdoor

Blouse by Sevya


Sweatshirt by GOEX


Blouse & Skirt by Mehera Shaw

Global Mamas - GirlsReversibleDressMarinaPurpleFashion (3)

Dress by Global Mamas

Visible Clothing -inhousebrand_Eternal.Creation.boyswearpantsshirtandjacket

Pants, Skirt, & Jacket by Visible Clothing



Earrings & Necklace by WorldFinds

Dunitz & Company -Embroidery pic1

Earrings, Necklace, & Bracelets by Dunitz & Company

Lucia's World Emporium - Leather_Bracelet_Earring_JJ-B_JEL_instagram_4

Earrings & Bracelets by Lucia’s World Emporium


Padhma Creation -Blossom Set

Hat & Gloves by Padhma Creation

Tula Hats - Abby Hat

Hat by Tula Hats

MZ - 17-4010 (8)

Tote by MZ Fair Trade

Just Fare - 2F41F2BA-2A6B-439B-A24F-E5D58F4803BC

Apron by Just Fare Market


Scarf by Mayamam Weavers

Fair Trade Federation

The FTF is a community of U.S. and Canadian fair trade businesses. Our members are verified based on all nine fair trade principles and uphold the highest standards of fair trade business practice.
They work with small-scale farmers and artisans to ensure good wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility, and more.