FTF Community COVID-19 Response Initiatives

Posted: Sat. Apr 25, 2020
We are heartened to see the ways fair trade businesses are coming together to support local and global communities!

See below for a number of FTF member-led initiatives, and learn how you can support.

Consider making a donation to support Awamaki’s artisan partners in Peru, where the situation is severe. For these rural women artisans healthcare is limited and their economic situation, already precarious, could be devastated by the sudden and drastic reduction in tourism and purchasing. The donations will ensure the economic and food security of their families. Learn more.

Covering the basic needs of their artisan partners and equipping them with tools for economic independence is Blossom Inspirations’ main concern always, but especially now. To support local communities as well as their artisan partners, they are selling state-shaped recycled cow-horn keychains with all of their proceeds from April and May going to the Red Cross. They are also taking donations for their partners. Learn more.

Passion Lilie’s team in India has been forced to close their workshop for 21 days. Founder Katie Schmidt is raising money and sewing masks to help pay artisan salaries while they are closed. Learn more.

Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company is donating 1,000 pounds of freshly roasted, organic coffee to those whose jobs and livelihoods have been directly impacted by COVID-19. They are taking nominations for recipients of each pound of coffee, spreading a little light during dark times. Learn more.

Y’abal is prepaying artisan partners for current orders as they continue to work from their homes in Guatemala. They are also delivering food, supplies, and information about best practices to keep communities safe.  Learn more.

Freeset‘s production in India is shutdown due to shelter in place and government requirements. The halt to work and daily life will have profound impacts on their employees and the communities they serve. Donations at this pivotal time will help their women partners provide basic necessities for their families and continue to have hope for a better world. Learn more. 

Due to stay at home orders in Colombia and reduced production demands, many of Tulia’s Artisan Gallery‘s partners are out of work. Tulia’s is trying to mitigate this by giving extra stipends to each family for food and other basic essentials. Donate to Tulia’s Give Back Fund, and they will match up to $1,000 in donations. Learn more. 

Aid Through Trade is donating $5 to DirectRelief® to deliver protection masks, gloves, and isolation gowns to health workers for each purchase of any We’re All Connected Roll-On® Bracelet Set. Learn more.

African Market Baskets is helping communities in rural Ghana fight the spread of coronavirus by funding and installing hand-washing stations. With formal aid slow to arrive, the community-driven project addresses this urgent need in the form of easy-to-construct hand-washing stations. Learn more.

Dandarah is partnering with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in support of their work on the COVID-19 response by donating 10% of Dandarah’s proceeds from sales. This means every purchase now has double the impact, supporting and empowering Dandarah’s artisan partners as well as the fight against COVID-19. Learn more. 

More than 100,000 marginalized people – artisans and their family members – rely on Ten Thousand Villages for income. Support their campaign to raise $800,000, helping to fulfill artisan order payments during this crisis. Learn more.

During the lockdown in India and Nepal, Mata Traders‘ partners are offering work from home options, food assistance, and continued pay for their artisan members, along with emergency food kits and Covid-protection supplies for those in need. However, they cannot continue to provide this critical support indefinitely. Donations will ensure these organizations are able to stay in business, maintain their staff and artisans, and support their communities. Learn more.

In Bangladesh millions of employees are out of work, including 10,000 women who work for Pebble in 120 different centers across rural Bangladesh. Their only sources of food are what they grow themselves and small handouts from local authorities, which are not enough. A donation of $11 will provide enough for a family for two weeks of food, and Kahiniwalla x Pebble is matching donations at this time. Learn more.

As cases of COVID-19 increase in Ghana and supplies of face masks dwindle, Global Mamas is working to create fabric face masks quickly for those in need. They hope that initiatives like this and the fast actions of Ghana’s government to date will make Ghana a success story in coronavirus prevention. Learn more.

Fair Anita works with 8,000 changemaking women in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia situated in the most marginalized communities across the globe. During this time, they are initiating Emergency Funds for their artisan partners’ communities, who are working hard to care for their neighbors. Donations will be sent in full to their partners so they can get resources into the hands of those in their communities that need it most. Learn more. 

Coop Coffees roaster member/owners have announced they will be redirecting up to US $130,000 from their Impact Fund for COVID-relief in producer-partner communities, stepping forward and demonstrating their solidarity with coffee producers and cooperative organizations. Learn more. 

UPAVIM Crafts is one of the major sources of funding for medical and educational programs in La Esperanza, Guatemala. Since the Guatemalan government has taken aggressive control measures to stop the spread of the virus, donations to their program fund will help support their artisan partners and community while most are unable to work. Learn more.

The economic impact of COVID-19 is threatening the employment of Aruna Project artisans in India. Donate to their Artisan Stability Fund so Aruna artisans can continue to live in freedom. Learn more.

Rover & Kin is helping their artisan partners, Tara Projects, raise funds during the COVID-19 shutdown. For these communities, hunger due to lack of income is as much a fear as coronavirus. Tara Projects has already distributed thousands of hot meals and face masks, but needs added support to keep the program going. Learn more.

Cover photo by Global Mamas

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