International Women’s Day 2023

Posted: Mon. Feb 27, 2023

Fair trade for gender justice!

Fair Trade promotes gender justice. Women are leading the way.

The full equality and equity between women and men in all spheres of life. (Oxfam)

Throughout the year, fair trade enterprises champion gender equality through women’s leadership and economic empowerment. On March 8th, join us and the World Fair Trade Organization in fighting for #GenderJustice with the #SheLeadsTheWay photo challenge! Together we can combat inequality each and every day for International Women’s Day!

How to be part of the movement:

  1. Take a selfie (or usie) holding up the ‘W’ sign (‘W’ in American Sign Language)
  2. Add a watermark of your organization’s logo to the photo (if applicable)
  3. On March 8th, post your photos on social media using the hashtags #SheLeadsTheWay and #GenderJustice

FTF Membership Manager, Alyssa Anderson featuring Bean the Beagle and Kit Kat the Cat

FTF Engagement Manager, Loren Hamilton-Ikome featuring baby Z

Founder of Dunitz & Company, Nancy Dunitz featuring Bella

Design + Production Manager of MZ Made, Ana Cris Medina

Social Media Manger for Malia Designs, Leilani Angel

Ganesh Himal Trading

Grain of Rice Project

Founder of Gitzell Fair Trade, Zellipah Githui

Founder of WorldFinds, Kelly Weinberger

Social Media Manager at Goex, Heidi Pettigrew

Ta’na’na Madagascar

Founder of Rover & Kin, Wen Yan King

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