Canaan Fair Trade Releases Seven Year Impact Study

Posted: Wed. Mar 27, 2013

Canaan Fair Trade releases 7 year impact study

Study focuses on moving Canaan farmers in Palestine to a position of economic security


Canaan Fair Trade has released an impact study assessing the first seven years of Canaan’s initiative to empower small and marginalized Palestinian producer communities caught in the midst of conflict.  The study examines all facets of the initiative, including its organizational structure, education and training programs, production, pricing, marketing and sales, community empowerment projects, and relationships with local and global partners.  The impact study was researched with the support of the Belgian Government Trade for Development Center (BTC).

Although this study primarily focuses on how Canaan has moved small scale farmers in Palestine from a position of vulnerability to a position of economic security, it also considers Canaan’s impact on women who are emerging as an active participant in Canaan’s activities by way of the women co-ops and their leadership within the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA).  It considers other sectors in Palestine as well, including local and international partners such as suppliers, distributors and solidarity groups. Canaan will use this report to inform its current business practices and partnership with PFTA so that it can better serve Palestinian producer communities and continue to provide leadership within the global fair trade movement.

Dr. Nasser Abufarha, Canaan Founder and Director, says  “One of the challenges that we face at Canaan now is to manage growth and remain focused on our mission. This study will help guide us as we grow to direct our programing agendas to issues that matter the most to our social goals.”     Dr. Christa Bruhn, Lead Investigator on the impact study, says “Canaan is living proof that sustainable business and farming practices can serve the producer all the way to the consumer.”

Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian company with a social mission, was founded in 2004 to empower thousands of small farmers caught in conflict to sustain their livelihood, build hope for a better future, and promote economic and cultural interaction towards a peaceful tomorrow.  Canaan produces and distributes the organic, Fair trade and Extra Virgin olive oil and traditional foods cultivated by 1700 small landowner farmers and 200 women producers joined in the 50 cooperatives of the Palestine Fair Trade Association.  Canaan products are sold in 15 countries around the world.  Canaan Fair Trade is the first 3rd party certified fair trade olive oil in the world, and the largest exporter of olive oil from Palestine to Europe and North America.  Canaan gives back to its farming community through programs that plant olive trees, extend micro-loans to women’s collectives, award college scholarships to farmers children, and convert tractors to run on used falafel oil.


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