Support Earthquake Relief Efforts

We are profoundly saddened to see the devastation caused by the recent earthquakes.  Many artisans and farmers in Nepal and northern India have been affected, and the fair trade community is mobilizing to support our partners in the region.

Your help is needed.   The following is a list of Fair Trade Federation members and allied organizations who are collecting funds to aid earthquake victims:

FTF and WFTO Member Organizations 


Fibres of Life is promoting The 50 Dinners Project to raise funds for Nepal earthquake response.  Find out how you can participate here.


dZi Inc. has thirteen producer partners in Kathmandu.  Funds for relief and reconstruction will be sent directly to these groups through a tax-deductible program set up with Aid to Artisans / Creative Learning. Donate here:


Aid Through Trade‘s founder, Damian Jones, was in Nepal during the earthquake.  He has since created a fund to provide immediate assistance to artisans and their families whose homes have been destroyed or are now unsafe.  Their Nepal office will administer this fund, using the money to provide temporary shelter and repairs, to assist with medical care, and to help build new safer homes.  Donate here:


Cheppu Himal, in partnership with Global Purpose and Andaman Discoveries, has created a relief fund at  The fund will support recovery initiatives and earthquake victims; Cheppu Himal is also donating a portion of proceeds from all sales to We Help Nepal.


Eternal Threads  is raising funds for relief in Gorkha, at the epicenter of the earthquake. On behalf of the Nepalese government, Eternal Thread’s partner will be providing relief to 35,000 people who need tents, blankets, food and water.  They will also be doing extensive building projects for homes in the area, all of which have been destroyed.  Donate here (please choose “Program: Other” and write “Nepal Relief.”)


Fair Trade Group Nepal with assistance from its member organizations, partners, and supporters will aid in the earthquake disaster relief effective immediately. The aid will foremost be targeted towards Fair Trade producers and the affected areas, primarily – Sindhupalchowk, Bhaktapur, Nuwakot, Lalitpur, and Kathmandu.   Read a message from Fair Trade Group Nepal here.


Ganesh Himal is collecting funds to rebuild the Baseri Health Clinic and surrounding village.  Visit their website to learn more and get updates:


Global Groove is collecting donations on its website,    Global Groove is working with the Kamana Foundation, and donor names will be printed in the newspaper Nepal Samarcharpatna.


Hamro Village has started a fund to help purchase building materials and support local rebuilding efforts.  The Hamro team will assist directly in rebuilding efforts.  Donate to the earthquake relief fund and get updates here: 


JeevanKala is a subsidiary of Himalayan HealthCare, a 501(c)3 non-profit that has been providing healthcare, education and income-generation opportunities to remote villages in Nepal for 23 years. The villages they serve have been hard-hit by the recent earthquake and their team is currently providing food, clean water, shelter, medicines and emergency care to hard-to-reach communities in Dhading District.  Learn more and make a donation at


Laundromat will be donating all profits from their May sales to the Patan Hospital Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund .  Every dollar donated is a dollar received in Nepal, used for treating patients (medical supplies).  The hospital is run and staffed by locals who best understand the needs on the ground, with doctors from abroad participating in an advisory and teaching capacity.


SERRV  works closely with four partners in Nepal and is still awaiting news from some artisans and their families,  who may be unable to communicate due to widespread outages.  In the meantime SERRV is  collecting funds to support their artisan partners; donate online or call 1.800.422.5915.


Ten Thousand Villages is sending donations through their founding organization, the Mennonite Central Committee.  MCC has staff on the ground in Kathmandu who are working with a network of grassroots organizations to get funds to communities and families.  Learn more here.


Other Organizations Doing Relief Work


Catholic Relief Services has emergency personnel on the ground.  They plan to provide 10,000 families with emergency shelter, blankets, water treatment kits and hygiene kits, and are shipping 3000 tarpaulins to the region.  Donate to their efforts here.


Nepal Youth Foundation works to save girls from indentured servitude.  You can donate to their Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund here.