Membership Requirements

FTF membership is open to any dedicated fair trade organization based in the United States or Canada which meets the following basic criteria:

  • The applicant organization sources all products in compliance with the Fair Trade Principles and the Code of Practice. Applicants must demonstrate strong internal systems for making business decisions that a) keep the well-being of producers as a central concern; and b) are consistent with all nine Fair Trade Federation Principles. Fair Trade must be an integral part of members’ organizational mission, structure, and daily operations.
  • The applicant organization has been in full operation (sales & production) for at least one year.
  • The applicant organization is a registered legal entity in the United States or Canada.
  • Trade (rather than humanitarian work, education, etc.) must be the primary activity of the applicant organization. A trading branch that is part of a larger parent organization may be eligible for membership only under very specific conditions.

For more details on these criteria, please refer to Overarching Requirements, page 8 of the Code of Practice.

In order to become a member, applicant organizations must go through the FTF screening process, a holistic evaluation of the applicant’s fair trade practices. Once accepted, members are required to submit annual dues & renewal documents.

Questions? Contact FTF’s Screening Coordinator:

302-655-5024 or