The Fair Trade Federation Logo


The Fair Trade Federation is a membership organization of businesses who practice 360° fair trade.   These are companies that have made a full commitment to fair trading practices – each and every business decision is made with the well-being of artisans and farmers in mind. This commitment runs deep, and represents a high bar of fair trade.

Organizations that have reached this high bar are proud of their work, and we are proud of them! All Fair Trade Federation members undergo a rigorous screening process to evaluate their commitment to all 9 Fair Trade Federation principles. Only those organizations which have passed the screening process are admitted as members and permitted to display the Fair Trade Federation logo. For more information on the screening process, visit

Whenever you see the FTF logo on a product tag or package, you will also see the member organization’s name.  This is because FTF membership represents an entire organization, not just an individual product.  The Fair Trade Federation does not conduct onsite audits of individual supply chains; therefore, the logo does not represent a product certification. Rather, it represents membership in a network of organizations that have demonstrated a deep and lasting commitment to fair trade practices.

By buying products sold by Fair Trade Federation members, you are helping to transform the lives of artisans and farmers around the world.