Plenary Speakers Announced for the 360° Fair Trade Conference

The Fair Trade Federation is excited to announce our plenary speakers for the upcoming 360° Fair Trade Conference and Expo, who will share their leading ideas and innovations within the fair trade movement. l l Bob Chase, Chief Executive Officer, SERRV    A Fair Trade Journey: Working Towards a More Sustainable World     Colleen […]


True fair trade is about mutually beneficial relationships rooted in trust and respect spanning geographic and cultural boundaries. As a global movement, fair trade brings attention to people around the world who work under exploitative conditions and highlights the true costs of goods in global supply chains. Organizations and activists, businesses and brands, farmers, workers […]

Retailers: Creating emotional connections with customers will give you an advantage in 2017

One thing that should be no surprise to many fair trade retailers, is that the retail marketplace is becoming increasingly more challenging. Much has been written and speculated on the topic, but one truth remains constant: It is essential to build an emotional connection and meaningful relationship with your customers. A 2016 Harvard Business Review […]

How is fair trade helping the United Nations achieve its goals?

At this time each year, presidents, diplomats, and representatives from all nations gather at the United Nations headquarters in New York, NY for the UN General Assembly (UNGA). The UNGA deliberates on urgent and important global issues, such as security, poverty, and migration. This year’s UNGA has an important emphasis on implementation of the UN […]

Fair Trade, Free Trade: Similar in Name Only

During this election season “free trade” and “fair trade” have become topics of interest and debate, both on the front pages and in the minds of voters and consumers. Due to the similarity of the phrases there is often confusion and misunderstanding about their meaning. It is common to hear the terms used interchangeably or […]

Canadian Fair Trade Handmade Guide

Our FTF community includes dozens of Canadian businesses that do extraordinary work with artisans around the world. We were excited to partner with Canadian Fair Trade Network to create this guide and shine a spotlight on their incredible handmade products.

2016 Fair Trade Stores and Cafés Guide

Find a fair trade store or café in your area!

What Do You Know About the Business Behind Your Coffee?

How fully fair trade brands are transforming the industry.

Latitudes Fair Trade: A Small Store Making Neighborhood Connections

Once a full time ESL teacher, business owner Lee Owsley came back from a weaving class itching with new energy.

Dsenyo – A Fair Trade Business With Creative Vision

Marissa Saints, owner of Dsenyo, has always enjoyed the process of creation.