What Happens After I Submit My Application?

Once you have submitted your application and supporting materials, FTF staff will review your application and send you follow-up questions to clarify any areas that require more information. When we have a complete application on file (including the application, supporting materials, three completed reference forms, and your responses to our follow-up questions), the application is sent to our Screening Committee, made up of three representatives from Fair Trade Federation member organizations.

The Screening Committee is bound by confidentiality, and all decisions are made by consensus. Often the Screening Committee has further questions for the applicant, in which case another round of follow-up questions may be required.

FTF’s Screening Coordinator will be in regular contact with you about the status of your application. The screening process takes 6-9 weeks, on average, from the time your complete application is submitted to the time you are notified of the Screening Committee’s decision.