Every applicant must submit at least three references. The individuals who agree to serve as references should fill out a standard reference form and submit it directly to the FTF Membership Manager.

Applicants are responsible for contacting references and ensuring that each submits completed forms in a timely manner. If additional information is needed, the FTF may follow up directly with the individual providing a reference.

For all applicants working directly with producers (artisans or farmers), at least one reference form completed by an artisan or farmer is required. Applicants who do not work directly with producers do not need a producer reference.

Download Reference Forms

General Reference Form
Producer Reference Form- English
Producer Reference Form- Spanish
Producer Reference Form- French

If the producers with whom you work are illiterate or speak a language other than the translations available, it is acceptable for a translator or transcriber to assist the producer in completing the reference form.

Who should serve as a general reference?

A general reference may be anyone who is not directly associated with your organization but is familiar with your trading practices and your commitment to fair trade. References should not be employees or immediate family. References from FTF members and others who are knowledgeable about fair trade are especially helpful.

Who should serve as a producer reference?

A producer reference should be from a producer who grows/makes products your business sells. Producer reference forms are available in English, Spanish, and French.

Contact the Membership Manager for more info: 302-655-5024 or