Choose Your Application Form

Before filling out the FTF membership application, familiarize yourself with the nine fair trade principles, which guide the business decisions of all FTF members. Find them in the FTF Code of Practice along with specific expectations for each principle.  Also, please review the overarching eligibility requirements.

FTF’s screening process is designed to evaluate organizations with established fair trade systems and strong fair trade business practices. In many cases, it may be beneficial to wait longer than the minimum required one year in operation before applying for FTF membership.

Application Forms

Please note: We posted revised application forms in November 2015!  We will continue to accept previous versions of the applications through 2017.

Consider where and how your business sources your products, what types of products you sell, and your primary sales channels. Choose the application that best describes your business model. Click to download:

Handmade Products: buying from artisans
Food & Farm Products: buying from producers
Retailer: buying from wholesalers

What if I sell products through wholesale and retail channels?

If your business mixes wholesale and retail sales channels, fill out the application for your primary sales channel.  For example, if the majority of your sales income is from wholesale accounts, fill out a wholesaler form, even if you also operate a retail store/website.

Your entire business must meet Fair Trade Federation criteria. We may ask additional questions during the screening process to supplement the application questions.

Contact the FTF Membership Manager for more info: 302-655-5024 or