Application Forms

Please note: We posted revised applications in November 2015!  We will continue to accept previous versions of the applications.

Consider where and how your organization sources your products, what products you sell, and your primary sales outlets.  Click on the button that best fits your business model to download the application:

Retailer Working Directly With Producers
Wholesaler of Handmade Products
Food & Farm Wholesalers

When you have completed the application, send a copy by email to

What if I sell products via both wholesale and retail outlets?

Even if your business model includes a mix of wholesale and retail sales, you only need to fill out one application. Choose the application that fits best with your primary form of doing business. If the majority of your sales income comes from wholesale accounts, fill out a wholesaler form even if you also operate a retail store.

If you have a blended business model, your entire business must meet Fair Trade Federation criteria. We may ask additional questions during the screening process to supplement the application questions.