What are the benefits of FTF membership?

Vibrant Community   Be part of a community of businesses and organizations that are fully committed to fair trade. These are your people—business leaders who go above and beyond to create opportunities for disadvantaged artisans and farmers around the world. Members share expertise and provide mutual support through events, online discussions, mentoring groups, and cross-promotion.

A Mark of Trust   The FTF logo is recognized by many buyers and consumers as a trusted mark of dedication to fair trade practices. Members may use the FTF logo on all promotional materials, and may use the FTF Product Logo on hang tags & packaging. Use of the FTF Product Logo is subject to an additional review & usage fee.

Business to Business Connections  FTF members include both wholesalers and retailers, all of whom are fully committed to fair trade.  By connecting with like minded businesses, you can increase your customer base as well as learn from the best practices of your peers.

Annual Conference    FTF’s annual conference, held every spring, is our flagship event, with three days of sessions focused on building fair trade businesses. Members attend at a discounted rate and have the opportunity to exhibit at our popular Fair Trade Expo.

Leadership Opportunities   FTF sets a high bar for fair trade practices, and our members lead the fair trade movement by serving on FTF’s Board of Directors and contributing their voices & experiences to the dialogue about fair trade.

Visibility   FTF promotes members through several annual publications, including our Holiday Gift Guide, Fall Style Guide, and Retail Stores & Cafes Brochure. Placement in these guides is free; members also have access to low-cost advertising on FTF’s website and communications. Click here to check out FTF’s recent publications!

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How much does FTF membership cost?

Dues are paid annually and are calculated on a sliding scale based on annual gross sales. Sample dues amounts:

Annual Gross Sales Membership Dues
Less than $75,000 $250
$200,000 $490
$750,000 $1,150
$2.5 million $2,550

The formula is as follows:

Annual Gross Sales Membership Dues
$74,999 and under $250 flat rate
 $75,000 – $1,999,999 $250 + $1.20 per $1,000 in sales
 $2 million and over $2,500 + $.10 per $1,000 in sales over $2 million


To calculate how much FTF membership would cost you, click here to download our dues calculator.

There is also a one-time, non-refundable $75 screening fee to submit an application for FTF membership. This fee helps cover the administrative costs of processing applications.