Board of Directors

Patricia Pearson, Chair
Fair Trade Sales, Level Ground Trading

Victoria, BC

Robert McKinnon, Vice Chair
Co-Founder, Pure Art

Montreal, QC

Renice Jones, Treasurer

Co-Founder and CFO, Global Fair Trade Crafts

Edgewater, FL

Caitlin Beas, Secretary

Director of Operations, The Little Market

Irvine, CA

Jonit Bookheim

Co-Owner, Mata Traders

Chicago, IL

Kristen Dickerson

Founder, CEO, and Creative Director, Raven + Lily

Austin, TX

Bill Harris

Founder and CFO, Café Campesino

Americus, GA

Leslie Mittelberg

Founder, Swahili African Modern

Eugene, OR

Shelley Tennyson

Founder and CEO, MZ

Sonora, CA