Board of Directors

Caitlin Beas
Director of Operations, The Little Market

Irvine, CA

Sam Bills
Board Development Specialist, Ten Thousand Villages

Irvine, CA

Sam Carpenter, Chair
Executive Director, Global Gifts

Indianapolis, IN

Bill Harris
Founder and CEO, Cafe Campesino

Americus, GA

Renice Jones, Treasurer
Co-Founder and CFO, Global Fair Trade Crafts

Edgewater, FL

Robert McKinnon, Vice Chair
Co-Founder, Pure Art

Montreal, QC

Leslie Mittelberg
Founder, Swahili African Modern

Eugene, OR

Patricia Pearson, Secretary
Sales Non-Profit / Fundraising, Level Ground Trading

Victoria, BC

Asutosh (Ash) Upadhyay
Founder, Hamro Village

Toronto, ON